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(besides injuries)

The hydration belt!

I finally caved and bought one because 1) I’m pretty sure running for extended periods of time without hydrating is a really bad idea, 2) the trail I usually run on has no water fountains in sight, and 3) on the weekend group runs they set aside paper cups for Gatorade and water, but this is much less waste for the environment.

I’ve come to terms that I can’t make a water belt look good, but at least when I was out today, there were tons of other people wearing one too. Solidarity!


I’m blogging again! I really don’t have any good excuses for neglecting this blog for 4 months, so I’m just going to throw you one of these and move on.



Not only am I blogging again, I’m running again! With the marathon a little less than 6 months away, I decided it was time to kick training into high gear and start getting serious about it. I’m using Hal Higdon’s Novice 1 18 week training program, which doesn’t start until the beginning of June. So, for the time being, I’m working on building up to a base of being able to run 3-4 miles fairly easily. Once the training program starts, I plan on posting about it in the form of weekly updates. Until then, you can look for fundraising updates, random thoughts like how I desperately need to buy new running shoes, or maybe I’ll post about the book Hal Higdon wrote about marathon training. Yes, I’m reading a book on how to run a marathon. I figured this is my very first one, I need all the help I can get.

More to come!

Oh, hi. Remember me?

I used to wonder what happened to bloggers as months would pass by in between their posts. Now I think I understand. If you’re me, life happens and blogging gets put on the backburner. Then you realize 2 months have passed since your last post and you were supposed to have finished a photo challenge in October and it is now DECEMBER (seriously?). You get embarrassed and stop checking your blog altogether. With that said, I’m terribly sorry for my lengthy, unintentional hiatus, but I’m back now and ready to pick up where I left off…sort of.

As I much as I hate to say this, the October Photo Challenge ship has sailed. I normally don’t half-ass things so spectacularly, but there was just too much going on, and I am too far behind to work up the motivation to finish what I started. Sometime I’ll do a post of the photos I did manage to take here and there.

In the meantime, this is what I’ve been up to for the past couple months, in picture form:

Did you figure out what any of those mean? No? Long story short, I: closed on my new home, moved, started volunteering, and I will be starting a new job on Monday. I hope these are good enough excuses for my absence. It’s good to be back!

So, tell me- what have you been up to for the past few weeks?

(Also, I would like to dedicate my return post to M, who has been doing her part to help me through marathon training by reminding me to stay hydrated and reminding me I have a blog I need to update. Thanks!)

I don’t have time to write a full post, so I’m doing a short update, brain dump style.

1. Remember my last post? And my news about the condo? Well, that whole situation presented with an entirely new and complicated set of problems yesterday that I’m not even going to get into now because 1) I’m sick of dealing with it myself and 2) I’m worried that if I keep talking about it, I really am going to jinx myself. I’m weird, I know. I knew getting the place wasn’t going to be as easy as it seemed it would be.

2. I’m escaping the Chicago cold and rain to go to Tennessee for a couple days! It’s only a short trip and it’s for work, but I’m really excited to go because I’ve never been before and I hear the area is beautiful.

3. My running schedule has been completely out of whack for the last few weeks, but I have to start getting myself back on track because I’ll have a 5k on Thanksgiving Day that I need to get in shape for.

4. I’ll be participating in the October 30 Day photography challenge (as seen on That Wife‘s and Our Wired Lives‘ blog). I don’t want to inundate my 3 readers with a daily post, so I plan on doing a weekly roundup of the photos, maybe every Friday or Sunday. So, hopefully my blog will get a little more interesting over the next few weeks.

5. Sorry for the complete lack of photos and links in this post. I’m doing this from my phone and I guess smartphones can’t do all the things they say they can. I’ll link properly when I get back.

Keep an eye out for the 30 day photography challenge weekly roundup posts. Have a great week, everyone!



I’ve had the craziest week ever. So much stuff has happened in the last 7 days alone, that I can’t believe it was my birthday just last week. This is what it all looked like:

Thursday: Celebrated my birthday with #2 out of 4 (!) celebrations. My parents got me a Dairy Queen cake. It was a good birthday.

(personal photo)

Friday: Found out that the offer I put in on a condo a week ago was not accepted due to the fact that the sellers refused to sign the papers. I was immediately let down by the news, but my realtor, bless her, sent over more listings that night. I asked to see one of them the next day.

Saturday: Went to see a condo I had seen listed online, but never paid much attention to because it didn’t stand out to me in any way. It was listed for a good price, was not a short sale or a foreclosure, and fit all of my requirements (a floor, 4 walls, a door, and a ceiling…maybe a balcony, too). I decided to put an offer on it right away because what the hell, I had already lost out on a few others because I waited too long.

Much to my surprise, I received a counteroffer just a couple of hours later when I was heading out to my birthday dinner with my family. I wasn’t expecting to hear back so quickly, so I decided to take some time to think about it.

Sunday: GusGus took me out to dinner at Holy Mackerel! to celebrate my birthday.

(personal photo)

I had the seafood cobb salad, which was good, but in no way compares to the Combo Louis seafood salad I had at Sotto Mare in San Francisco. I could eat that 365 days a year, 366 on leap years. But, I digress.

Monday: This day was a crazy last minute scramble to get everything ready for the start of the school year where I work. I did so much running around and paper-shuffling that I felt like it was Friday by the time the day was over. On top of all that, I finally decided on a counteroffer of my own to submit to my realtor. My counteroffer was countered that same day and I spent the rest of the night worrying about what to do for my next step.

Tuesday: First official day of the school year at work. More running around. Even more debating over the next counteroffer to put in.

Wednesday: I submitted my final offer to my realtor, who called me back that afternoon with the news that it was ACCEPTED!!!

Since then, my life has been consumed with work, exchanging emails with mortgage lenders, attorneys, and my realtor. I’ve been talking over home inspections, homeowner’s insurance, mortgages, and closing costs with my parents. I’m planning on closing in a little less than a month, so I’m sure these next few weeks will be even crazier. Next week I start tutor training with a local literacy program so I can cross #3 off of my 23 before 24 list. The week after that I’ll be taking a little trip to Tennessee for work. Oh, and did I mention I started running again?

I need a nap.

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