Happy Monday and Happy Start of Marathon Training! I’m going to post an update on my progress on this day every week to hold myself accountable and to keep people who have donated to my cause or who might be interested in donating informed. Also, I think it will be nice to look back in October and read about all that I’ve accomplished. These posts will go up every Monday for no real reason other than that I enjoy alliterations, even partial ones. With that said, this is what the training schedule looks like for this week:


(found here)

This is partially what I’ve been doing in the weeks leading up to the start of the training program, with a few exceptions. One of my training goals is to stick to the schedule as closely as possible, so, I plan to have fewer exceptions from here on out.

I work alternating Fridays and Saturdays and I won’t be able to join my CARA group this Saturday for the first long run. I’m disappointed about this because it would’ve been great to meet everyone right from the start. I’m trying to decide between doing the long run by myself on Saturday, or cross training on Saturday and  joining the Montrose Beach CARA group on Sunday morning. Considering that I would have to be in Chicago before 6:30 (read: 33 mile drive) in order for that to happen, I’m leaning towards just running by myself on Saturday.

I’ll have more to report back on next Monday after I get these runs under my belt, but for now the question is: How has unofficial training been going? To be honest, it’s been a little sporadic. I took a few weeks off at a time, twice, after almost breaking myself trying to learn how to snowboard over the winter. I would skip out on runs here and there due to lack of motivation and not feel terribly guilty about it because I knew I still had some time. Now that I actually have a set schedule to follow, I’ll try my best to avoid skipping days so I don’t have to deal with overwhelming guilt.

I found this fun flow chart during my lunch break today and I taped it to my front door, along with a printout of my training schedule so I can see it every morning before I leave. Motivation with humor is always a good thing!

(sorry for the atrocious iPhone picture, I guess the lighting isn’t great by the front door)

See you next week!

Are you training for a race of any kind? How is it going?