Happy Columbus Day!


Am I the only one who thinks this holiday is a joke? I only liked Columbus Day when it got me a day off, which hasn’t happened since, oh I don’t know, middle school?

Anyway, I’ve found that keeping up with this photo challenge is kind of hard. The blogging part of it is definitely a challenge (and I only do this twice a week!), but even taking one photo a day is getting a little difficult. I had a busy (fun) weekend, so I slacked and just took pictures from my phone and threw in one that I took a couple months ago. Better luck later this week.

Day 8: A bad habit

Oh bad habits…where I do begin? I have so many.

Here’s a picture of two of my bad habits, one of which I started fairly recently- accumulating cups in my room. I don’t know when exactly I started doing this, but if I had to guess, I would say right around the time I started training for my half marathon. I keep trying to make myself drink more water and my thought process is that if I take water with me to my room, I’ll be more likely to drink it. Not the case. All this habit has turned me into is a dehydrated cup hoarder. This picture doesn’t even show it at its worst.

I also tend to stay up too late. And set my clock 45 minutes ahead of time. But I don’t consider that to be a bad habit- just an odd quirk. This picture was taken over the weekend so I was up later than usual, but still. It’s a bad habit I keep trying to break.

Day 9: Someone you love


This is GusGus and he automatically comes to mind when I think of someone I love. I could write at least 10 blog entries on why I love him, but that would be interesting to no one except GusGus, so I’ll keep it short. I remember watching Moulin Rouge ten (?!) years ago and one of the movie’s most memorable lines really stuck with me. “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”  This is what I have with him and it’s the greatest feeling in the world. GusGus has always been, without fail, my biggest supporter, my greatest fan, my closest confidant, and one of the best people I know. We always have fun together, even when we’re not doing anything particularly exciting. He makes me laugh all the time without even trying. He loves with his whole heart and doesn’t ask for anything in return. And best of all, he loves me for me. I can be really trying at times, but he is patient, understanding, and forgiving. I couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend.

Day 10: Childhood memory

When I was little, I always liked to go grocery shopping with my dad. He would take me with him almost every Saturday and we would always go right before lunchtime when they would hand out the free food samples. They don’t hand out free samples as often anymore, but I still love going grocery shopping. I don’t know what it is. Some people find it stressful, but it’s relaxing to me. I’m not going to need 95% of the things in the store at any given moment, but the possibilities are there.

Aside from the fact that this picture was taken in a grocery store, it has nothing to do with my childhood memory since that is clearly not my father and I definitely did not drink vodka when I was a child. This photo was the best I could do. In other news, note how that bottle is the first thing we put in our cart. Priorities!

I so admire all of you who are still keeping up with your photo-a-day posts. I don’t know how you do it, but mad props to all of you. Keep on keeping on!

How is the photo challenge going for everyone else? Send me a link so I can follow along!