Happy October! And welcome to all new readers of this little blog of mine! I’ve been excited for this month to start, especially since I decided to participate in the October Photography Challenge.

Source: White Peach Photo via Merissa via Pinterest via Our Wired Lives

I joined the participant list (90 strong!) put together by Our Wired Lives, His Birdie’s Nest, and That Wife, and in doing so, I hope to gain new readers and new blogs to follow as the month goes on.

I’ll be posting my photos from the challenge on Mondays and Fridays. Here’s the first round of photos I’ve come up with:

Day 1: Self-Portrait

This is me at about 11:30 pm on Saturday night, trying to fit in both my photo challenge and a run before the end of the night. In case you haven’t already noticed, I do everything procrastination style. I took this photo in my basement by my treadmill to prove that although I haven’t talked about it in awhile, this is a blog about running, and I do still run.

At some point earlier that day, I considered actually showering and putting on makeup for the photo, but that’s not me. Well, the makeup part, not the showering- I shower, I promise. So, this is me- no makeup, unshowered, and wearing one of the fifty million t-shirts I got in college.

Day 2: What you wore today

This was the first time I’ve worn all the pieces of this outfit together. When I pick out clothes, I usually end up in black or blue more often than not because they’re safe colors- they go with everything. I’m trying to get more color into my wardrobe. Now that I’m really looking at this picture, I realize that I have almost the entire Gap, Inc. brand covered. My top is from Old Navy, the jeans are from Banana Republic, and the scarf is from the Gap. It was a complete accident, I swear.

Also, does anyone else feel like a complete tool when they take outfit pictures? Maybe it’s just me, but I felt like all my neighbors were watching me and wondering what the hell I was doing.

Day 3: Clouds

Chicago has been blessed with some beautiful weather this week, which is much needed since last week was so cold and rainy. I took this picture when I got home after work today, right before I went on my run. You can see that although today’s challenge was to take a picture of clouds, there are no clouds in mine. I settled for this shot, which I kind of like because the sun is setting and you can see the moon.

That’s it for now. I’m off to brainstorm what I can find that’s green and what pictures I can take from high and low angles. Stay tuned!