I don’t have time to write a full post, so I’m doing a short update, brain dump style.

1. Remember my last post? And my news about the condo? Well, that whole situation presented with an entirely new and complicated set of problems yesterday that I’m not even going to get into now because 1) I’m sick of dealing with it myself and 2) I’m worried that if I keep talking about it, I really am going to jinx myself. I’m weird, I know. I knew getting the place wasn’t going to be as easy as it seemed it would be.

2. I’m escaping the Chicago cold and rain to go to Tennessee for a couple days! It’s only a short trip and it’s for work, but I’m really excited to go because I’ve never been before and I hear the area is beautiful.

3. My running schedule has been completely out of whack for the last few weeks, but I have to start getting myself back on track because I’ll have a 5k on Thanksgiving Day that I need to get in shape for.

4. I’ll be participating in the October 30 Day photography challenge (as seen on That Wife‘s and Our Wired Lives‘ blog). I don’t want to inundate my 3 readers with a daily post, so I plan on doing a weekly roundup of the photos, maybe every Friday or Sunday. So, hopefully my blog will get a little more interesting over the next few weeks.

5. Sorry for the complete lack of photos and links in this post. I’m doing this from my phone and I guess smartphones can’t do all the things they say they can. I’ll link properly when I get back.

Keep an eye out for the 30 day photography challenge weekly roundup posts. Have a great week, everyone!