I’ve had the craziest week ever. So much stuff has happened in the last 7 days alone, that I can’t believe it was my birthday just last week. This is what it all looked like:

Thursday: Celebrated my birthday with #2 out of 4 (!) celebrations. My parents got me a Dairy Queen cake. It was a good birthday.

(personal photo)

Friday: Found out that the offer I put in on a condo a week ago was not accepted due to the fact that the sellers refused to sign the papers. I was immediately let down by the news, but my realtor, bless her, sent over more listings that night. I asked to see one of them the next day.

Saturday: Went to see a condo I had seen listed online, but never paid much attention to because it didn’t stand out to me in any way. It was listed for a good price, was not a short sale or a foreclosure, and fit all of my requirements (a floor, 4 walls, a door, and a ceiling…maybe a balcony, too). I decided to put an offer on it right away because what the hell, I had already lost out on a few others because I waited too long.

Much to my surprise, I received a counteroffer just a couple of hours later when I was heading out to my birthday dinner with my family. I wasn’t expecting to hear back so quickly, so I decided to take some time to think about it.

Sunday: GusGus took me out to dinner at Holy Mackerel! to celebrate my birthday.

(personal photo)

I had the seafood cobb salad, which was good, but in no way compares to the Combo Louis seafood salad I had at Sotto Mare in San Francisco. I could eat that 365 days a year, 366 on leap years. But, I digress.

Monday: This day was a crazy last minute scramble to get everything ready for the start of the school year where I work. I did so much running around and paper-shuffling that I felt like it was Friday by the time the day was over. On top of all that, I finally decided on a counteroffer of my own to submit to my realtor. My counteroffer was countered that same day and I spent the rest of the night worrying about what to do for my next step.

Tuesday: First official day of the school year at work. More running around. Even more debating over the next counteroffer to put in.

Wednesday: I submitted my final offer to my realtor, who called me back that afternoon with the news that it was ACCEPTED!!!

Since then, my life has been consumed with work, exchanging emails with mortgage lenders, attorneys, and my realtor. I’ve been talking over home inspections, homeowner’s insurance, mortgages, and closing costs with my parents. I’m planning on closing in a little less than a month, so I’m sure these next few weeks will be even crazier. Next week I start tutor training with a local literacy program so I can cross #3 off of my 23 before 24 list. The week after that I’ll be taking a little trip to Tennessee for work. Oh, and did I mention I started running again?

I need a nap.