(A screenshot of my iTunes music library. Awesome Microsoft Paint editing job also done by me)

As promised, I am posting the playlist that got me through the half marathon. I know at least one person who reads this blog is on the lookout for new workout music inspiration (Hi, MEL!). The other 6 people who read this blog can laugh at/be horrified by my shockingly poor taste in music. What, I listen to artists who end their namez with a z and whose lyrical genius includes many gems, such as, “This is why, this is why, this is why I’m hot/I’m hot cuz I’m fly/you ain’t cuz you not/this is why, this is why, this is why I’m hot”. I never claimed to have high standards for the music I listen to. If it has a good beat, I’ll run to it. In fact, the more misspellings the artist’s name has and the more nonsense there is in the song, the more likely it is I’ll like it.

2 nights before the half marathon, I sat down to make a playlist that would go along with my 5-5-5k race plan. I compiled a list of songs I thought would keep me going during the race, grouped them into “smooth and relaxed”, “strong and steady”, and “push to the finish”, estimated how long it would take me to run each section, then put in a transition song between the the sections so I would have an idea of what my pace should be. It was serious work and took me quite a while, but it paid off. Although the Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon advertises bands along the course at every mile, I needed my own music to push me. I even beat my playlist! I had to skip several songs to get to the last few I really wanted to hear before finishing the race.

So, here it is. Enjoy!

1. Remember the Name- Fort Minor

2. Running Up That Hill- Placebo (appropriate, no?)

3. This is Why I’m Hot- M.I.M.S

4. Welcome Home- Coheed and Cambria

5. E.I.- Nelly

6. There it Go- Juelz Santana

7. Bleed it Out- Linkin Park

8. Lollipop- Lil Wayne

9. Love Lockdown- Kanye West

10. The Catalyst- Linkin Park

11. Dangerous- Kardinal Offishall

12. Disturbia- Rihanna

13. Down on Me- Jeremih & 50 Cent

14. Sexy B—- -David Guetta


15. Give Me Everything- Pitbull

16. The Hand That Feeds- Nine Inch Nails

17. Raise Up- Petey Pablo

18. No Hands- Waka Flocka Flame

19. Hotel Room Service- Pitbull

20. Scream Aim Fire- Bullet for my Valentine

21. Winner- Jamie Foxx & Justin Timberlake

22. Stronger- Kanye West

23. Supermassive Black Hole- Muse

24. In Da Club- 50 Cent

25. Lose Yourself- Eminem

26. Written in the Stars- Tinie Tempah & Eric Turner

27. Ridin’- Chamillionaire

28. Shots- LMFAO & Lil Jon

29. Right Thurr- Chingy

30. Indestructible- Disturbed


31. I Made It- Kevin Rudolf

32. #1- Nelly

33. Fighter- Christina Aguilera

34. Bring Em Out- T.I.

35. Run It!- Chris Brown & Juelz Santana

36. Warrior- Lloyd Banks

37. All of the Lights- Kanye West

38. Party Rock Anthem- LMFAO

39. You Make Me Feel- Cobra Starship

40. The Show Goes On- Lupe Fiasco

41. Remember the Name- Fort Minor


Do you have any good workout song suggestions? Share them in the comments!